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Little Big 3D's expertise is in making 3D printed models and 3D renders from 2D plans in a matter of days! 


Little Big 3D provides the highest standard residential and commercial 3D services for properties. With a qualified team of designers and 3D printing experts, we boast a fast turnaround while maintaining the top quality standard.


Our Services include:

3D Printed Models

3D Rendered Images

3D Walkthroughs 


3D Printed models

Architectural expertise

3D Modelling

The first step in converting your 2D plans into a 3D printed model is the computer modelling. 

 Your plans are converted into 3D printable files by our architects who specialise in 3D printing.

 Time frame:

For a typical 2 story residential property: 36 - 48 hours from when we receive your plans. 

In-House Printers

3D Printing

Here at Little Big 3D we have 3D printers in house.

 This means we can begin printing your 3D printable files as soon as one of our printers become available. 


4 - 10 hours per level. 

Full house finished printing in approximately 15 hours.

Ready, Set, Go

Model Cleaning

As soon as your model is finished printing we begin the cleaning process.

 This consists of removing any support material and sanding the model where there was any left over material. 


Architectural expertise

3D Modelling

Like designing a 3D printed model, the first step in designing your high definition video walkthrough or 3D rendered images is the basic model we begin with. 



For a typical 2 story residential property: 36 - 48 hours from when we receive your plans. 


Fine details

Following the design of your basic model, we will discuss with you the details of your property. This includes the style in which you plan on designing your home and the finishes you want us to use.  

Let's go!


As soon as all the details are discussed, we can design your video or rendered images. We will include all the furniture and finishes you selected.



Typical 2 story property: 

3-5 days.

3D Rendering service


Customer Review

"Availed of this service recently..Great to deal with.. Very quick to reply, Ordered on the 18th and arrived this morning. Model is of great quality and will help us massively moving forward with our build. Many thanks."

"Model is brilliant and online 3D plans are very handy. Cheap too"


Dublin, Ireland





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